Interact Quiz Maker Pricing & Plans (2024): Is It Worth It?

Interact Quiz Maker Pricing & Plans

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Interact Quiz Maker Pricing & Plans (2024)

Interact Quiz Maker Pricing & Plans

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Last Updated on January 26, 2024

Are you looking for the latest information about Interact Quiz Maker pricing and plans? Maybe you’re trying to determine how Interact Quiz Maker stacks up against other quiz-making software to see if it’s worth the cost.

Interact Quiz Maker began in 2014 and has become one of the internet’s best quiz maker software. With plans ranging from $27 to $209 a month, it has features and capabilities for course creators and marketers of all sizes. 

Quizzes are powerful engagement tools for course creators. They not only capture the attention of potential learners but also provide an interactive and fun way to learn about a topic. This interaction enhances the user experience, making learning more enjoyable and memorable. And even if you’re not a creator, quizzes are excellent marketing tools for lead generation. 

As someone who’s put Interact through the paces, I’ve analyzed all of the plans offered and put together my thoughts on which plan might be best suited for different types of users in our field.

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How much does Interact Quiz Maker cost?

Interact Quiz Maker offers three plans that range from $27 to $209 a month, depending on the package and duration you choose. They are available on a monthly basis or annually. Users save up to 40% with an annual plan.

The plans are called Lite, Growth, and Pro. Each plan offers a full-featured 14-day free trial, so you can start capturing leads immediately. 

Now that I’ve given a big picture overview of pricing let’s unwrap the fine details of each plan. I’ll be sharing tiny details, costs, and everything you need to know for each plan so you can decide the best one for your business and needs.

Interact Quiz Maker - Lite

In my opinion, this plan is ideal for those who are just starting out in the world of online courses and want to experiment with quizzes as a tool for engagement and lead generation. It’s budget-friendly and offers basic features that are for sufficient for those who currently have a small audience. 

The cost is $39/month, paid monthly. The annual plan is $27/month, paid annually.

This plan allows users to create, publish and share five quizzes per month. In addition, users can capture qualified leads (up to 500 per month) and design beautiful quizzes that fit the brand. Interact Quiz Maker offers call-to-action buttons that are engaging and attractive and integrate seamlessly into your website or other ventures.

In addition, the Lite plan offers a brief overview of analytics to understand better how your quiz is performing and excellent customer service and quiz coaching to improve and learn.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into using quizzes without a significant investment, this plan is a great starting point.

Interact Quiz Maker - Growth

In my view, the Growth plan is well-suited for course creators who have established a moderate audience and are looking to scale up their engagement and lead capture strategies. 

The cost is $89/month or $53/month, billed annually.

With the Growth plan, users can create 20 gorgeous quizzes and capture up to 2,000 leads per month with the Interact quiz builder. The plan is created with growth in mind. Users can custom design their quiz to match their brand and replace the Interact logo with their own.

Another thing I like about the Growth plan over the Lite plan is that it offers many integrations, in-depth conversion tracking, and analytics and allows 3 team users.

All in all, this plan is ideal for those who are ready to invest more in marketing and want to leverage quizzes for deeper insights and higher conversion rates.


Interact Quiz Maker - Pro

Interact Quiz Maker’s Pro plan is an extensive plan. It offers everything from the above plan and more.

For seasoned eLearning professionals with a large audience, the Pro plan offers the most comprehensive set of features. With advanced analytics, A/B testing, and up to 8,000 leads per month, this plan is tailored for high-volume users who need robust tools to analyze and optimize their engagement strategies. 

The Pro plan allows users to make up to 50 quizzes per month, capture up to 8,000 email leads per month and have a team of 10 users working simultaneously. The Pro plan also allows for custom branding, design, advanced integrations, and in-depth conversion tracking.

If quizzes are a central part of your marketing and engagement strategy and you require detailed data to fine-tune your approach, I believe the Pro plan would be the most beneficial.

Key Features of Interact Quiz Maker

  • Makes creating online quizzes fast and easy.
  • Supports growing email list.
  • Increase user engagement.
  • Warm up your email audience by engaging quiz takers in a fun way.
  • Improve conversion rate.
  • Conversion-focused templates.
  • Drag and drop interface.
  • Three types of quizzes.
  • In-depth analytics

Interact Quiz Maker Pricing FAQ

Is Interact Quiz Maker beginner-friendly?

Interact Quiz Maker is very beginner-friendly. It offers a simple drag-and-drop way to construct quizzes, with everything being clearly labeled. Interact Quiz Maker offers a terrific customer service team ready to help anytime. Furthermore, the platform even offers tutorials, quiz coaching, and more to level up your creations. The Interact quiz software offers powerful tools to create beautiful, eye-catching, engaging quizzes to convert your audience to paying customers.

All in all, Interact offers one of the easiest to use and most feature-rich online quiz maker tools out there today.

Does Interact Quiz Maker offer a free trial?

Yes! Interact Quiz Maker offers a full-featured 14-day free trial. Users can use all of the features and get a feel for the software before making further commitments.

What types of quizzes can be made with Interact Quiz Maker?

Interact Quiz Maker offers three different types of quizzes. The assessment quiz tests visitors’ knowledge about a particular topic. The personality quiz helps visitors learn more about their personalities, and the scored quiz allows visitors to answer questions and receive a score.

Is it hard to create a quiz?

Interact Quiz Maker offers many resources to make the quiz creation process as easy as possible. The software offers tutorials and coaching. Furthermore, Interact’s quiz software offers templates that can be customized and have been proven to convert. In addition, Interact’s quiz builder offers weekly live office hours so users can get in touch with customer support any time, Facebook Ads q&a, and monthly expert sessions for users to learn more.

How can a quiz be beneficial?

Online quizzes are fun, interactive ways to get to know your audience. It allows you to capture quality leads with a high chance of converting to paying customers. Quizzes also offer a pathway for visitors to connect with your brand.

How do you cancel Interact Quiz Maker?

Simple! To cancel Interact Quiz Maker, all you have to do is click cancel. They’ll even send an email to remind you before your free trial is up.

Is Interact Quiz Maker worth it?

As a course creator, I’ve found that Interact is particularly valuable for those who really want to actively grow their audience and enhance their course engagement.

If you’re looking to gather insights about your potential learners, create personalized marketing strategies, and increase course sign-ups through interactive content, then Interact is a tool worth considering. Its ability to capture leads and provide analytics is a game-changer for anyone looking to refine their course offerings based on learner feedback and preferences.

However, for those just starting out or operating on a tight budget, the cost of Interact might be a bit more than what you currently need, especially if quizzes are not a central part of your engagement strategy. A simpler, more cost-effective tool might be more appropriate until you’re ready to scale up and invest more in advanced marketing and engagement tools.

Either way, I’d recommend at least testing out the free trial for yourself to see how it fits your specific needs and preferences.

Still have questions about Interact pricing? Leave a comment below.

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