Convertbox vs Rightmessage Comparison (Who Wins in 2021?)

convertBox Vs RightMessage

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Convertbox vs Rightmessage 2021 Comparison

convertBox Vs RightMessage

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

Convertbox and Rightmessage are two players in the marketing industry trying to revolutionize the optin form space. You have probably heard of these two tools if you have been on the search for a lead generation tool. Convertbox and Rightmessage position themselves as the ultimate tools for optin form personalization, which according to their founders, is the answer to websites experiencing low conversions.

These tools don’t come cheap, but they may be worth every penny depending on how well you use them. And although both tools are packed with lots of powerful features that deliver results, they are quite simple in their approach to list building.

In this review, I will help you choose between Convertbox and Rightmessage by comparing their features and the benefits of each.

I will compare and contrast their templates, approach to personalization, how easy they are to use, integration, reporting, and customer support. Finally, I will list their key differences and go over their pricing plans.

As I mentioned earlier, both Convertbox and Rightmessage are affordable but not exactly cheap. Convertbox doesn’t have a free trial, but it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, plus, you only have to pay a one-off fee of $495 to use Convertbox for life.

Rightmessage gives you a 14-day free trial to test out the tool before you purchase.

So as you can see, there is no risk involved in trying out these tools.

That said, let’s see how they compare.

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What Is Convertbox?

Convertbox is not just an optin form building tool, but an intelligent lead capture tool that targets customers based on their source, their position in the customer journey, and their history on your website.

Convertbox has strong targeting and segmentation features; it uses multi-choice and multi-step funnels to segment customers and also builds engagement through personalized forms.

What Is Rightmessage?

Rightmessage is a personalized survey, quiz, and list-building tool that does not use lead capture forms, but instead focusses on customer journeys to segment customers and then personalize forms for them.  

Rightmessage believes in asking questions first, and then customizing a lead magnet for a user based on their answer. This case-by-case personalization makes Rightmessage stand out as a lead capture tool.

Key Conclusion: Go For Convertbox If:

  • You want a tool you can scale with without having to worry about monthly subscriptions again
  • You need to use optins on one or a few websites
  • You want strong personalization but with more familiar-looking templates
  • You don’t necessarily need a tool that maps customer journeys

Key Conclusion: Go For Rightmessage If:

  • You want website personalization in addition to lead form personalization
  • You don’t mind having fewer integrations
  • You want a tool that can handle unlimited accounts and websites
  • You need detailed report on funnel performance
  • Budget is not an issue

These two tools come in at a higher price point. However, considering that you only have to make a one-off payment for Convertbox, it is far cheaper in the long run, if you are just starting your business or if you have limited funds.

That said, agencies and businesses with more than 50+ domains could benefit more from Rightmessage as it doesn’t limit the number of accounts or websites. Everyone else can go for Convertbox.

Feature Comparison Between Convertbox And Rightmessage

How Do They Personalize Marketing To Your Visitors? Who Does It Better?

All optin software have one thing in common: they can create all sorts of lead generation forms, including sticky bars, popups, and embedded forms.

They can also display the optin forms on different pages. But while Rightmessage still has these functions at its core, it first focuses on helping you understand the customer journey so that when you create an optin form, it will deliver the right message to the right customer every time.

When creating forms in Rightmessage, the customer journey and the form display side by side, allowing you to map appropriate responses to the individual needs of the different customers who may visit your website.

You can even set a goal to “stop annoying your customers”. Like in this funnel template.

Rightmessage_funnel example

Besides being able to personalize lead generation forms, Rightmessage also allows you to make changes to your website from straight within the tool. With this feature, you can personalize every element of a web page right down to the smallest detail.

In comparison, Convertbox doesn’t let you personalize web pages. However, its optin form personalization features rival those of Right message.

It has form field customization features, uses rules and triggers, and also has the ability to set display frequency.

This is an example of a rule you can set to show a discount offer to a visitor If that visitor is tagged as a returning visitor.


The triggers section allows you to show your Convertbox to visitors based on their behavior on a page.

This provides a great opportunity to grab a visitor’s attention while they are browsing your content, or to bring back cart abandoners to convert.


The display section allows you to define the frequency for displaying a Convertbox, and deciding which pages you want a Convertbox to show or not show on.

The ability to decide frequency display allows you to find that sweet spot – where you show your convertboxes just enough times without annoying your customers. When you decide on a page to include or exclude, you increase the relevance of your ad: who sees your forms and what do they see.

To summarize, the display area of Convertbox tackles the where and how of personalization, while the targeting area dictates the who. That is, who do you want this Convertbox to be shown to?

Winner: Rightmessage

Convertbox has impressive personalization features and so does Rightmessage. But Rightmessage wins because it has a more superior approach to customization, and, it can personalize entire websites.

Does Each Software Have Conversion Optimized Templates?

Rightmessage does not have Optin templates, but it has funnel templates that are stored in the “recipes gallery”.

These are practical, interactive examples of real-life funnels that you can duplicate or customize and use. The recipes gallery has funnel types for different marketing needs and goals. These are just 3 templates from the recipes gallery:

Rightmessage_Funnel template

Rightmessage uses widgets instead of the traditional optin form builder. Once you have created a customer journey, you can customize widgets to show up on the different customer paths. For example, if you have tagged a visitor as a customer, you can customize a widget to offer them a free trial or a discount.

Unlike Rightmessage, Convertbox has templates, which can either show up in a popup or embedded format. These different display formats give you multiple display options that you can choose from depending on the goals of your Convertbox.

For example, the sticky bar and call out options are less intrusive and allow you to engage visitors while they are browsing, but without interrupting their session. The center and full-page options are best for grabbing a visitor’s attention when they want to exit a session and bring them back to your site.

Winner: Convertbox

Convertbox has conversion optimized templates. Rightmessage uses questions in its customer journey models to build conversion optimized widgets but Convertbox just shades it because of their conversion rates.

How Easy Is Each Software To Use?

Creating forms and funnels in Rightmessage is quite easy. The process begins with first building a funnel, adding questions to the funnel, and then deciding on the path to put your customers based on their answers. Take the example below for instance:

Rightmessage_building funnel

This funnel has two paths “yes” and “No”, depending on whether a customer is a subscriber or not. Subscribers will get different offers from non-subscribers.

The little plus signs on the funnel builder are filled with options that determine the next steps in the funnel, turning it into a powerful and intuitive tool.

You can keep building up this funnel until you get to a point where you feel that your customers are getting what they need. Once you have the funnel side sorted, you can then move over to the widgets to create the forms you will use to deliver your questions or offers.

Creating widgets is so easy, you could literally do it in minutes. This is all there is to the editor (the styling tab).

Right message_widget styling options

The final results are quite good for such a simple tool. To create a widget, follow these steps:

Right message_steps for creating a widget

Convertbox is also a very simple tool to use. It has one of the cleanest-looking page editors and simple-to-implement workflows.

It allows you to do everything in one page and in one go, from building and editing form appearance, segmenting and targeting with rules, triggers, and form-field customization, A/B testing, and mobile customization.

You can do all this without having to exit the page editor, to produce aesthetically appealing, personalized forms within minutes.

convertbox_page editor

Winner: Both

Rightmessage may seem like the winner here, because of how easy it is to create widgets, but you must first invest some time to develop the customer journey. The same segmentation process takes place in Convertbox, only you don’t use customer journeys. Both processes are easy enough to do, so it’s a tie.

Integration With Email Marketing Platforms And Websites

Rightmessage and Convertbox can integrate with other software. However, Rightmessage supports very few integrations. According to one of its founders, they are working on more integrations, however, this is time consuming for them because they take a different approach to ensure that all software integrate properly with how Rightmessage works.

Convertbox on the other hand, supports more integrations. To integrate with a supported tool, navigate to that tool under account settings, select Integrations, and click “connect”. This allows Convertbox to transfer any collected visitor emails into the integrated tool.

Convertbox_integrations step 2

You can also use HTML integration to integrate any tool that is not listed in the integrations page. You can do this using the HTML form that’s available in the integrations page.

convertbox_html integration form

Winner: Convertbox

Rightmessage supports very few integrations at the moment, making Convertbox a clear winner.

Reporting And Analytics

Convertbox and Rightmessage both have reporting and analytics, but the reporting feature on Rightmessage is more powerful.

Convertbox tracks views, interactions and leads, by groups or convertboxes. It also shows you performance by segments, such as new visitors.  In addition, you can view a detailed performance trend for each activity (views, leads and interactions) in graphical format.

You can also drill down into the performance of a single Convertbox and even view performance for each step.


Now compare this with the reports on Rightmessage:

Right message_reports

Rightmessage reports capture more details, including optin rates, questions answered, conversion rate lift, performance by segmentation. You can drill down further into each of these details to reveal more granular information. For instance, if you want to know your best or worst performing segments, you can click on the “cards” on the conversion chart. This will reveal more detailed data.

Winner: Rightmessage

When it comes to data, more is always better. The reports on Rightmessage are very detailed, giving you more ways to analyze your data.

Customer Support Services

Rightmessage and Convertbox both have robust customer support systems:

Convertbox offers customer support through:

  • Email support through a ticket system
  • A help desk with text and video content
  • Facebook group
  • A checklist of most common issues on Convertbox

Right message has the following customer support channels:

  • Email support via a chat-like popup
  • A survey section that helps Rightmessage personalize your experience
  • A learning center with interactive text-based content
  • Facebook community

Both tools respond to emails within 24 hours.

Winner: Convertbox

Rightmessage offers impressive customer service. However, the lack of video content in the help section is a negative for this tool.

Convertbox vs Rightmessage Pricing

You can access Convertbox for $495 to $590 one-off life-time payment, making it far cheaper of the two tools. You should grab this limited time offer before Convertbox pricing reverts to the normal $99 per month. which is due at the end of 2021.

Even with normal pricing restored, Rightmessage will still be the more expensive option. It has two plans: CTA plan and Personalize plan.

The CTA is the lower tier, and only caters for lead form personalization. The Personalize plan allows you to personalize lead forms and websites. Pricing for these two plans increases on a sliding scale, based on unique visitors on your website.


Convertbox and Rightmessage have the same goal: they are both keen on engaging customers instead of annoying them with unnecessary optins, or even worse, showing them the same optin forms even when they have already taken a specific action.

The choice between Convertbox and Rightmessage therefore come down to two things: price and scale. If you can afford the sliding scale pricing and you manage more than 50 websites, go for Rightmessage. Otherwise, choose Convertbox (see our full Convertbox review for even more details on the tool).

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