OptimizePress Vs Leadpages 2021

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OptimizePress Vs Leadpages 2021

optimizepress vs leadpages

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on April 26, 2022

For publishing web pages, both OptimizePress and Leadpages seem to provide similar functionalities. If you have been searching for differences between the two, this article will be your guide.

We will be providing you details on the key features of each online platform. These will then be pitted against each other, and a winner shall be declared for each category.

Some of the topics mentioned below include landing page builders, marketing funnels, ownership, and customer support.

Along with the attributes mentioned, Leadpages offers a free 14-day trial for testing. OptimizePress, on the other hand, does not offer a trial.

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What Is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is an online tool to help you construct landing pages. Not only that, you can also create sales pages, membership sites, blogs, and checkout pages. The purpose of these being, to convert the maximum number of individuals.

You can design the page of your requirements in WordPress, may it be for a webinar, course, or any physical product. These pages are then equipped with funnels and analytics.

It is mainly meant for individual, or small business usage.

What Is Leadpages?

Leadpages’ primary focus is also on building landing pages. Their aim is to connect you with a wide audience and turn individuals into leads. It is a platform for growth, by streamlining processes.

You will be able to create pop-ups and alert bars, along with your websites. To aid your set-up, there is an array of features such as free hosting, tracking, integrations, and real time guidance.

Their main targets for this platform are marketers and entrepreneurs.

Landing Page Builder

OptimizePress has a simple to use drag and drop feature, for fully personalizing your landing pages. Whether you want to change fonts, text sizes, or background colors, you have the option to choose from over 500 distinct writing styles.

You can add in pictures, or video testimonials. There can be ratings for your products or services. You can further divide sections into rows and columns and add in description paragraphs.

Countdown timers can be placed on your main page, as well as an Optin form for immediate sign-ups. There are also more than 2000 icons for attracting consumers.

Leadpages also has a drag-and-drop interface, that will help you customize your landing pages in a few clicks. There is no need to be a computer expert for designing your page.

Within, there is also a lead gen form builder, to have as many conversions as possible. You can even add exit-intent pop-ups, that will appear with an attractive offer when an individual is trying to leave.

Finally, you can put in some personal touches such as a new section popping in after a time delay, structure your page using sections, and add in widgets like calendars and videos.


While both have interactive drag-and-drop builders, Leadpages takes the lead here with its attribute of pop-ins. If these are used in an efficient manner, exit without exploration might decrease.

Page Templates

OptimizePress has a whole marketplace for templates. These are more than 350 in number, specifically created for increased conversions.

There are different templates for different pages, such as landing, sales, thank you, affiliate, membership, and event pages. They can be further adjusted according to your preferences.

While some templates might be free as a promotion, others will mostly have to be bought.

Templates for Leadpages inside their gallery are divided into two categories: Landing Pages, or Websites. You can choose to sort these by the highest converting ones, or the latest offerings.

The categories can be further divided by two filters. You can either view all templates for a particular page such as a contest, newsletter, promotion, coming soon, or thank you.

Or, you can view them by your product’s industry such as software, travel, fitness, coaching, or education.


Leadpages takes the win over OptimizePress because of the wide range of templates they offer in terms of pages, as well as industries.

Marketing Funnels

With OptimizePress, you can build marketing funnels for WordPress with easy to follow steps. First, decide which kind of funnel you want. May it be for a promotion, launch, or just gaining leads.

You can then apply a template on your funnel according to the message you are trying to present. You can alter pages within your funnel, to obtain more sales.

Prompts are sent in the form of emails or notifications for a user to move to the next stage of the funnel. This is done automatically.

Leadpages also provides the feature of building funnels, which can be as long or as short as per your needs. You can build a micro-funnel with only three steps such as a landing page, an offer page, and a checkout page.

These are necessary for engagement, and to keep a consumer in the loop. They increase traffic by automatically sending reminders to individuals going to the next level, as well as tracking data such as opt-ins.


While OptimizePress has well-thought out funnels, Leadpages is the winner here with their micro-funnels to maximize engagement and sales.

Sales And Checkouts

With OptimizeCheckouts, a new WordPress plugin, your sales flow will become smoother, as the checkout process will be hosted on your page.

You can instantly send files upon payments conducted through Stripe. You do not even have to worry about currency conversions, as Stripe will handle that for you.

You will have access to a dashboard, summarizing all purchases. And, there are no extra charges for using this plug-in.

Leadpages has also collaborated with Stripe to power payments. They have a checkout widget which can be published on your sales page, or even have a checkout pop-up on another website.

You can also set recurring payments for your membership subscriptions to have a consistent flow of money. Delivery is instant as products are online.


As both have integrated with Stripe for payments, Leadpages has an edge in this category because of their recurring payments. This sets up an automatic stream to your account.


If you are making your pages with OptimizePress, you have sole ownership over them. You have control even if you do not continue with your subscription.

With Leadpages, on the other hand, if you decide to leave the platform, you cannot take your pages with you. Leadpages will keep the ownership, not you.


Since you will get complete ownership of your pages with OptimizePress, it stands as the clear winner. Leadpages does not provide the same facility.

Split Testing

With another plug-in of OptimizePress Experiments, you can conduct A/B testing for your pages. This comes with a Live-Editor tool to make changes in accordance with the variation with more conversions.

You can track data on the number of people visiting your page, the number of variations being tested, conversion rates, as well as unique visitors.

With Leadpages, you can also perform split testing to gauge your audience’s preferences. In a normal split test, you would compare variations of one aspect such as a headline.

Leadpages allows you to conduct multivariate tests where a number of different variables can be compared at once. These can include a design, image, or even text.


While both allow for A/B testing for all pages, Leadpages stands out here with its multivariate testing. Rather than running separate tests, all of them could be combined into one.


Since OptimizePress is WordPress plug-in, its primary integration is that. However, it also provides connections to over 60 other applications for features like analytics, payments, and email marketing.

Some e-commerce integrations include Ontraport and Infusionsoft. Some email connections include MailChimp and SendReach. And there are marketing platforms like E-goi and LeadLovers.

Leadpages provides a large number of integrations for different categories. There are apps for CRM such as Salesforce. Sites for live chat such as Chat.io. And apps for scheduling such as Calendly.

You can even link your social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can integrate with WordPress as well. And, there are a number of other connections available through Zapier.


If you want your primary integration to be WordPress, OptimizePress would be the platform for you. But, if you want a wide a range of connections, Leadpages should be your choice.


With OptimizePress, you can add tracking scripts to any page you want. These web pages can be social media sites like Facebook, or advertising platforms like Google Adwords.

Similarly, these scripts can be added to your own pages and blog posts to collect data on views and conversions.

With Leadpages, analytics are performed automatically whenever you create a page. Your page visits, purchases, and exits will be tracked, and for your ease, can be presented in a graphical form.


Both platforms provide basic tracking you could require, but OptimizePress furthers its game by tracking scripts that can be placed on any page.

Customer Support

OptimizePress has a two-tiered customer service portal. One, there is a knowledgebase that provides guidelines on basic processes, as well as information on commonly asked questions.

Secondly, there is email support for your queries, which you can send at any time. You can ask about personal problems being faced, or any errors encountered.

Leadpages has a five-tiered customer support program. There is a contact support option in your menu where you can open a ticket.

You email them and receive a response within a day or use chat support Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Phone support is also for the same duration.

You can also log onto ConvertedU.com to read articles, watch webinars, and attend courses.


Leadpages has taken a more direct and hands-on approach to communication by providing contact through a range of channels.

Ease Of Use

For beginners, OptimizePress is very simple to use. You can fully personalize and design your pages, as well as instantly see the results of changes made.

If you are looking for a platform that provides out of the box features, yet still be adaptable and responsive, Leadpages would aid your business.


OptimizePress has three pricing plans, paid for on a yearly basis. These include:

Essential for $99, with 1 personal site.

Business for $149, with 5 personal sites.

Suite for $249, with 20 personal sites.

Leadpages has three monthly plans, but you can get up to a 39% discount if you choose a yearly package. These include:

Standard for $35, with 1 site. Discount price is $25 per month.

Pro for $79, with 3 sites. Discount price is $48 per month.

Advanced for $321, with 50 sites. Discount price is $199 per month.


I can keep going on about features that stood out for me, as both OptimizePress and Leadpages have distinct offerings that target different audiences.

The decision, however, should be in accordance with your business, product, or service.

Choose OptimizePress if:

  • You want access to a marketplace for landing page templates.
  • You want to build marketing funnels for your WordPress site.
  • You want full ownership over your pages, even if you cease payments for the platform.
  • You want a Live-Editor tool to make necessary changes after split testing.
  • You primarily want to work with WordPress.

Choose Leadpages if:

  • You want pop-ups on your pages, along with a lead gen form builder.
  • You want to work with platforms other than WordPress, as OptimizePress is for WordPress users.
  • You want to be able to create micro funnels.
  • You want a greater number of integrations with third party apps.
  • You want multivariate split tests.
  • You want numerous channels of customer support.

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