Leadpages Vs Convertkit: Which Should You Use? (2023 Comparison)

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Leadpages Vs Convert (2023 Comparison)

leadpages vs convertkit

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 12, 2023

Trying to take your business to the next level with better online marketing? Need to improve your landing pages, email marketing, and overall sales funnel process? Trying to compare Leadpages vs ConvertKit side by side so you can see how each might be able to help you reach these goals?

Both Leadpages and ConvertKit offer services that can drive your business to the next level. They are built for different business goals, however. 

In our Leadpages vs Convertkit breakdown, we throw some light on the feature differences and help you choose which one to opt for corresponding to your requirements.

As a starting point, Leadpages offers a free trial at each price so you can test before buying.

ConvertKit also provides free trial and additionally, gives you a free account with limited features to get your email marketing up and running. 

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Software Overview

What is the difference between Leadpages and Convertkit?

Leadpages is purely a landing page creator with a mix of lead generation tools. ConvertKit offers a complete email marketing and automation software solution.

Both software can integrate with each other so if you want you can get ConvertKit and integrate Leadpages to implement the desired landing page functionality. 

These pieces of software should therefore be considered more complementary instead of competing. Lets look at these key features in more detail below.

Leadpages Landing Page Creator

A landing page is where we land after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. It’s a key page designed to get people to either into your sales marketing funnel by signing up for more info or a free offer, or to even make the sale right there on the spot.

When it comes to helping you build quality, conversion-driven landing pages, Leadpages is one of the best options out there. The exciting features which make it stand out are listed below.

  • Built-in conversion guidance
  • Unlimited lead collection & traffic
  • Unlimited page publishing
  • Fast page load speed

One does not a professional web designer to get it running. It saves you the expenses of hiring one with these advanced built-in features.

  • Code-free drag-and-drop customizations
  • Mobile-responsive, high-converting templates
  • Features & functionality to fit any need.

You can select from the various templates provided by the firm for different niches. Fats

leadpages landing page builder


Leadboxes allow you to use certain features on your pages as triggers for a pop up opt-in form. 

When leads click on an element on your page like an image, button or piece of text, a form appears where you can include a lead magnet to encourage sign ups.

With this feature, every page on your site can potentially becomes a lead generator.

This two-part opt-in process is found to be highly effective for conversions. The customer makes a psychological commitment when they click the element which encourages them to move further along the funnel. 



A unique Leadpages feature, LeadDigits allows your audience to opt in to your email list from their mobile phone.

The feature allows you to share a 5 digit number with your lead who can then text back with their email details to get your lead magnet delivered. 

This allows you to add email opt in features to print advertisements, billboards, flyers, or from a live audience if you are doing a talk.  

Leaddigits screen

Convertkit Email Marketing Automation

Convertkit provide marketing automation and drip email sequencing as their main product offering.

Email sequencing allows you to send a series of  emails at a specific time to a segment of your audience to help increase conversions.

A neat part of these Convertkit sequences is the Broadcast resend feature. Typically, a large portion of your email audience will not open your email. With the ‘Resend to Unopens’ feature, you can send to those people who didn’t open the email on the first occasion.

You can also change the subject line so the email appears different. This increases your chances of reaching a broader audience.

The automation feature then frees you from having to respond to every step the lead takes in the sequence.

The automation can:

  1. Allow you to add subscribers to your sequence when a link is clicked.
  2. Add subscribers automatically to forms.
  3. Remove people from your list when a specific action is made. 

Convertkit also provide a visual automation screen so you can map out your mix of different sequences. 

These visual automations can also be shared with others using Convertkit’s Sharefunnel button. 

automations convertkit

Convertkit Tagging System

One can implement segmentation by tagging subscribers and then grouping those tags together.

Tags allow you to organize and group subscribers based on actions and interest.

For example, you can tag a subscriber if they bought an item you’re selling or if they have finished a defined sequence. 

You can then target this tagged group with highly personalised offers. 

convertkit tagging

Pricing Comparison

Leadpages pricing has three plans.

  • Standard plan at $37 per monthly billing and for monthly and $25 for annual billing subscription and one can create landing pages for only one site.
  • PRO begins at $79 per month for monthly billing and $48/month for annual. This comprises of landing pages for 3 sites.
  • Advanced plan costs $321/month for monthly billing and $199/month for annual with all the features and one can create landing pages for up to 50 sites in this one.

ConvertKit has two plans:

  • Free plan includes all features except reporting, visual funnels, automated email sequences, integrations, APIs, premium support and are also devoid of migration from other tools. It can manage up to 500 subscribers while the complete plan offers the facility to manage up to 1000+ subscribers.
  • For subscription billed monthly the complete plan starts off at $29/month for 1,000 subscribers and then increases incrementally as you add more subscribers. 
convertkit 2

What Software Should You Choose?

Choose Leadpages if:

  • You are looking to increase your customer base using lead generation tools.
  • You want to create quality landing pages but you don’t have technical or coding expertise.
  • You are looking for an easy to use landing page tool with plenty of templates to get you started. 

Choose Convertkit if:

  •  You require a full marketing automation platform with email sequencing, tagging, and broadcasts.
  • You want personalize the targeting of your existing and new email subscriber base.
  • You want a free plan to test out features indefinitely.