The Best Kartra Website Examples for Inspiration (2023 Guide)

Kartra Website Examples

The Best Kartra Website Examples

Kartra Website Examples

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Thinking about building a website for your online business but need some inspiration from other successful Kartra website examples?

Kartra is well known by most people as a platform for creating and hosting courses. But besides just course hosting, you can also use Kartra to create websites, sales pages, optin forms, landing pages and funnels.

Businesses from different genres use Kartra to build stunning and powerful websites, with great results such as high traffic and conversions. 

There are over 500 page and section Kartra templates to choose from with a drag-and-drop editor, making it a snap to create a website to promote your online course, membership sites, and more.

Read on for a look at some of our favorite Kartra website examples and membership site examples to get an idea of what’s possible when building your site on this platform.

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Get The Smoke Out

Our first Kartra website example is a company that sells air cleaning equipment to private homes and businesses.

This website caught our attention because of its simple design and the product they are selling. Usually, a design this simple can be a deal breaker, but not for

The website uses video to provide engaging content and also break the monotony of the text content. It also uses opt-in forms, buttons and icons, testimonials, among others.

The optin form is great for capturing visitor’s contact information. The buttons and icons have call-to-action such as “request a quote”. Product categories are strategically placed on the top left-hand side of the page, making it easier to catch a customer’s attention. This page also features testimonials towards the bottom of the page just before a section showing more products from this seller.

All these features work together to convert a boring product into something people want to learn more about and buy.

Food Faith Fitness is a healthy living website that offers recipes catering for different dietary needs keto, healthy 30, vegetarian, paleo, nut-free, gluten free, among others. They have everything in their menu for practically everyone, and as you can guess, they serve a wide audience.

The website is content rich, and contains videos, text recipes, images, and fat loss resources such as online courses, training videos, and memberships. In addition, being faith-based, this website also contains content to build the mind and soul.

This website uses Kartra’s features such as video, opt-in forms, landing pages, Kartra mail and product carts.

All these and more features, work well to create a beautiful layout that is easy to navigate, with visuals that attract visitors and increase time on page.

The site is also quite organized. You’d expect a website covering such a wide range of dietary needs to be confusing and overwhelming, but that’s not the case at all. The main page is organized into sections and columns, with calls to action that direct visitors to landing pages where they can read more content or checkout.

My Kitchen Escapades by Carole Jones is another healthy living food website that uses Kartra for content delivery and lead generation.

When you land on this website’s homepage, you can immediately that it takes a more adventurous and fun approach to cooking — it is after all developed by a mom who’s trying to get her 6 kids to eat healthy. It also embraces recipes that are easy to make. All this is in keeping with the website’s goal to make meal prep easier and faster.  

But simple doesn’t mean skimping on content. This website has dozens of recipes for breakfast, main dish, salads and dessert.

My kitchen escapades uses free lead magnets to encourage visitors to optin through a Kartra optin form that only has one field.

Trade Room Plus is a UK-based trading platform that teaches its members to trade in Crypto, E-mini and Forex. It’s one of our favorite Kartra membership site examples.

This Kartra membership site takes a unique approach to training and trading, as members can share trading ideas and watch each other trade.

This site’s main attraction is its free membership, and it uses a simple landing page with a call to action to join appearing in each section of the page.

But the page is also a sales page for its paid service (funded trading). The site doesn’t overtly promote this service. It just adds it as a menu item at the top of the sales page and when you click on it, you will be directed to a whole new site without really feeling like you’ve left the platform. applies a science-based approach to preventing and beating cancer. The site provides cancer counselling and coaching to help people affected by cancer learn to live with it. It also promotes healthy diet and lifestyle changes as alternative ways for dealing with cancer.

This nonprofit organization invests a lot of time researching Cancer, and therefore has a lot of blog and eBook content. The eBooks are available for sale on its digital storefront. The storefront has a simple layout and beautiful visuals. When you click on any item, you are directed to a pre-filled Kartra Checkout page.  

The website also uses Kartra subscription forms for its free giveaway, and landing pages for its certification program.

Rich Dad

If you consume a lot of self-help and self-education material, then you’ve probably heard of Robert Kiyosaki. You’ve probably read his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. provides coaching and training in personal finances and investment areas such as real estate and cryptocurrency.

While this site takes on a more classic look than any of the other sites discussed here, it sticks to the brand image and colors that we know from “Rich Dad-Poor Dad” making it instantly recognizable among its target audience.

The site uses Kartra resources such as video, landing pages, optin forms, checkout pages, testimonials, lists, logo, call to action buttons, etc., to reach its audience.

Couples Therapy Inc provides relationship therapy through retreats and cancelling sessions. Their services cover marriage and relationship areas such as premarital counselling, affair recovery, predivorce counselling, couples therapy retreats, etc.

Exclusive members can access gated content on the site while counselling and therapy sessions are available to all, including non-members.

This website’s large call to action buttons, stand out across all its pages. It also uses Kartra features such as calendars, making session scheduling on the website easier for counselors. provides business and personal advice in areas such as productivity, motherhood, mindset, self-care, etc. She draws on her own experiences to create a wide array of content aimed at helping people live a more cohesive life.

Businesses can learn a lot from this site about how to increase efficiency through systems, outsourcing, time management, and work-life balance. uses Kartra to sell, host, promote, and provide access to her programs, live training, podcast episodes and Facebook community.

Nathan Nguyen is another business and personal development and coaching website that uses Kartra.

This website’s owner uses his extensive financial knowledge to educate parents and college going kids raise funds for college and plan their finances.

This website uses Kartra features such as checkout, subscription forms, sales pages, and testimonials.  I’s page formats are simple and clutter free, and focus on telling you about the author’s experiences and the products he sells.

Interestingly, this website doesn’t have a blog. Instead, it uses long sales pages to tell you everything about the product you are interested in. The sales pages also include testimonials and a call to action.


GERU is a SaaS business simulation software that helps you avoid pitfalls later in your business. You can use it to map out different areas of your business to assess their performance potential before you launch.

It is especially useful for digital marketers before launching marketing campaigns, because you can simulate ad campaigns, subscriptions, SMS marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and even upsells, downsells, webinars and affiliate marketing. This eliminates guess work in the launch process, and also saves money and time.

GERU uses Kartra to host its video tutorials and marketing lessons, most of which feature impressive charts, images, graphs and tables.

GERU also uses Kartra Agencies to manage its database of clients -who are marketing agencies- by centralizing client accounts under one billing profile.

In addition, Kartra Helpdesks helps GERU offer live chat support to its customers.

This website makes use of Kartra Helpdesks to support customers. A live chat prompt immediately shows up when you open the support tab.


Chatmatic is yet another software as a service website that uses Kartra to create efficiency in different areas of the business.

Chatmatic helps businesses manage the Facebook messages they exchange with their customers by automating campaigns on Facebook Messenger. This reduces the overwhelm of dealing with thousands of messages, improves interaction, and ensures no message is overlooked.

The website uses Kartra to improve the design of its pages and present content about the product in an organized manner, thus improving user experience. A pop-up subscription form immediately loads at the top of the home page, drawing attention to the value proposition of this software and inviting you to a free trial.

The entire home page also does a great job of highlighting the importance of using Chatmatic. The webpage also has CTAs on some sections of the page, as well as an additional popup towards the bottom of the page.

Final Thoughts on Kartra Website Examples

Hopefully, the guide above has given you some inspiration for what’s possible when creating a website or landing pages with Kartra.

Each of these websites we included offer something that we love in their design and execution. 

Most importantly, these websites demonstrate the capabilities and power of Kartra and how it can help grow your online businesses in a big way

Want to learn more about Kartra? Check out our full Kartra review as well as our Kartra pricing breakdown for an in-depth look at the platform.

Click here to try Kartra free today.

Have any other Kartra website examples you love? Share them with us by commenting below.

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