Kartra Templates: What Are They? Where Can You Find Them?

kartra templates

Kartra Templates: What Are They? Where Can You Find Them?

kartra templates

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Kartra comes loaded with over 500 masterfully designed templates for blogs, membership sites and product launches. From welcome message templates to 404 error templates, thank you message templates and templates for high converting pages, Kartra’s templates are well thought out to meet different needs.

If you would rather forgo their predesigned templates and exercise your creative muscles, Kartra has blank templates to help you do just that.

In the guide below, we’ll take a look at some of the different categories of templates Karta offers and help direct you to where you can find them and how to get the most out of them.

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Kartra Has Templates For Every Business Need

Kartra templates fall under 18 categories, the most common of which include: coming soon, checkout pages, webinar registration, Thank You pages, Squeeze pages, membership login, blog, and product launch. We will look at these and more categories below.

You can customize all Kartra templates on its page builder using its easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Kartra also makes customization easier by giving you ideas as you edit.

To get started, you simply have to select a template from a specific category and start fill in it with relevant information about your business.

You can customize the template layout, colors, fonts, add images and your logo. Kartra has free tutorials to guide you throughout the customization process, making it easy to achieve the look you want.

Kartra Templates

After going through the many templates available in Kartra, we wanted to highlight some of the different categories you can choose from.

Squeeze Page Templates

A squeeze page lets you collect email addresses from your visitors by offering them lead magnets such as a free product or targeted content.

An effective squeeze page easily convinces visitors to submit their email addresses by offering something that the reader is interested in.

Kartra squeeze pages incorporate catchy titles that promise useful insights. They allow you to educate people about a problem that they will likely identify with, making it highly relevant among a majority of web visitors. 

Video Sales Page Templates

Kartra’s video sales pages are among our most favorite, and with good reason: 87% of marketers interviewed in a study credit video for increasing traffic, while 94% say that it has helped their customers to understand their products. (Source)

Kartra video page templates feature text such as product descriptions, in addition to video content. You can make better use of video templates by ensuring that your visuals are engaging and offer value.

An attention-grabbing title is always a plus as it’s the first thing people see, and with titles like ‘Double Your Traffic in 30 Days’ Kartra doesn’t disappoint. Most web users out there would love to improve their business — be it traffic, shares, conversions or sales — and Kartra’s templates ensure that the value proposition you offer on your video pages come out strong.

You can make the templates more convincing by adding customer testimonials.

A countdown timer creates urgency, and since you can add a link to a checkout page, you can capitalize on this urgency by simplifying checkout. Visitors don’t have to think; they see the countdown, click on the link, and check out.

Thank You Page

You should thank your customers after they convert. But the thank you page does more than just make your customers feel appreciated. It provides an additional opportunity to share more information about your business by:

  • Directing customers to the location of their downloads (preferably your website)
  • Offering additional information about your social networks

Inviting customers to explore your brand

Long Sales Page

A long sales page helps you to close a customer faster by offering all relevant product information in one place.

There is always a risk when using long sales pages, to clutter your page, causing overwhelm among your readers.

For this type of template to be effective, it has to deliver information in easy-to-read blocks. You can make your long sales page more appealing by breaking text content with images, graphs, videos and infographics.

Coming Soon

If you have a new product coming and want to create anticipation for it, you can use a ‘coming soon’ page. You can even add a timer to the page to keep the launch date top of mind among your visitors. 

Kartra has many impressive templates in this category, all of which stand out for reasons such as:

  • Impressive messaging. For example, ‘We’re Coming Soon… It’s Worth The Wait!’. This message is gripping and builds up anticipation. It also holds you to deliver on your word — Just make sure you deliver beyond expectations though, as you may otherwise see a lot of churn post-launch if your product is underwhelming.
  • Lovely designs. You’ll immediately notice the attractive color schemes of these templates — and you can customize them further to your liking. The templates also incorporate images rather nicely.

Lastly, some of the template double as a lead generation tools, helping you to collect email addresses. This is a great way to collect high-intent leads for pre-launch sales.

Product Launch Template

It is always a good idea to create hype around a new product prior to launching. Kartra’s product launch templates help you do just that.

There is a template for everyone in this category, but the ones we liked the most incorporate video into a simple design.

You can use the launch templates for your entire launch sequence, to deliver teasers, encourage people to share them and also look forward to upcoming videos.

You can also incorporate offers into the templates to encourage visitors to sign up or commit to your offer prior to launch.

A great offer would be: 50% off if you buy today!

If you have a great product and potential customers know enough about it, there is very little that will keep them from taking up such an offer.

Product Review Templates

90% of customers read reviews before buying a product. (Source) This makes product review templates a must-have in your campaign or website.

With Kartra review templates, you can collect customer feedback and also make product comparisons.

When choosing a template, you want a basic design that is easy to navigate and allows a user to give all the necessary details about a product such as a product summary, its features, pros and cons, cost and a link to the product website.

Kartra’s product review templates deliver on these elements.

Webinar Registration Page

Webinars make a great tool for promoting and educating customers about a product. But a webinar can only be successful if it attracts the right level of attendance.

With Kartra’s webinar templates, you can promote upcoming events and prompt people to register for them. The templates provide enough room for sharing relevant webinar information in a clean interface. 

Formatting elements like bullet points keep information uncluttered, while well-placed calls-to-action create urgency and inspire registrants to act.

Checkout Page Template

Checkout is the final step of the customer’s journey. As a seller, you want to make sure that majority of those who make it to this page check out. A wrong move during this stage, and you will have massive cart abandonment.

But do things right by choosing the right template and you will likely see better conversion rates.

We like Kartra’s checkout template for these reasons. They:  

  • Simplify checkout
  • Integrate different payment options
  • Have room for adding content about the product and its benefits
  • Are customizable
  • You can add testimonials

You can add a money back guarantee to remind customers they have nothing to lose by buying

Error 404 Page Template

Errors happen when browsing. For example, a product page may suddenly disappear. When this happens, you will see an error 404 page.

But while 404 pages aren’t new, one thing that makes Kartra’s 404 pages stand out is their use of animation. This makes them fun, diluting an otherwise irritating situation. This playful element also makes the apology that accompanies this page believable and easier for customers to accept.

This makes it easier to steer customers back to the product page where they can convert.

Upsell Pages

Upsells and one-time offers are great ways to increase sales.

In our experience, the most effective sales or upsell templates are benefit-driven and leave the choice up to the customer.

Which is why we generally favor a template that we can customize with different design elements and include messaging that points out the different ways an upsell product will complement a product our customers already have.

Browsing through the list of upsell templates in Kartra, we found that we could achieve this with most Kartra templates.

Membership Pages

A membership page should be beautiful enough to appeal to the people you wish to recruit as members. When building your membership page, you should therefore choose a template that will encourage your subscribers to interact with each other, and to explore the products or services you offer.

In addition, if you are going for exclusive membership site, use a template that creates that feeling. Let your page make members feel special to belong to a group. Don’t forget to incorporate elements that educate and entertain, such as video and images.

We also loved what we saw in the membership site template category. Most of the templates are really great, and some even allow you to include welcome videos and images, in addition to the elements discussed above.

Live Event Templates

Kartra also has templates for live events.

All templates in this category let you flex your creative muscles to create eye-catching pages. the templates are structured, and allow you to add relevant event content and context (i.e., the what, who, when and where), resulting in beautiful yet informative pages.

And of course, since you want people to register, you can add an attention-grabbing call to action. You can also add a link directing people to a landing page where they can learn more about the event.

Affiliate Page Templates

Affiliate program is a great way to promote your brand and boost sales.

If you would like to create an affiliate program for your site, Kartra’s templates will let you craft a program that will rally sales and marketing professionals around your brand.

You can add content about the program, including the commissions they should expect to earn, and invite people to sign up.

Kartra’s affiliate page templates let you deliver your message in a clear and to-the-point manner, with strong and pointed calls-to-action.

Legal Page Templates

Every website needs a Terms and conditions page. A lot of times though, Ts and Cs pages tend to be quite boring and dull.

Kartra tries to liven up a bit with tastefully designed templates that encourage readers to read the terms and conditions instead of skipping the page altogether.

You can format text by adding headers that stand out, and even include images and trademarks.

Blog Post Templates

A blog gives you a means to continually educate and engage with your customers. It also shows your level of involvement in your business through for example maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

A great blog template should be customizable enough to include all the design elements that make a post readable. For example, images and video. It should also highlight featured posts, posts in the same category, recent posts, or a ‘you may also be interested in’ section. Having such posts in your blog page keeps readers another reason to remain on your page, and also showcases your expertise.

A comments section should help you collect people’s sentiments about your blog post and respond to them.

Blog Home Page Templates

A blog home page houses all your blogs. It is more detailed than the blog template discussed above, in that you can include additional elements like categories, author bio, and detailed blurbs about featured posts.

Personal Branding Pages

A personal branding page provides a space for people to create a brand image. Since you’ll likely find thousands of personal branding pages from your industry, the idea when choosing a personal branding template is to go with one that will get you noticed.

Details such as your biography pic and your portfolio should clearly stand out. The format should allow you to present information in an organized grid that accommodates statistics, images, videos or other graphics.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Kartra templates are varied, and they are quite useful for creating different types of pages for your website or marketing campaigns.

Although we favor some formats over others, there are many other options and you should feel free to explore whether any of them are more suitable for promoting your brand.

There are countless options to suit every brand’s needs but all in all, simplicity, clean lines and unlimited customization options are some of the things you should look for when selecting Kartra templates to deliver your messaging.

Want to learn more about Kartra before you try? Make sure to check out our in-depth Kartra review for all the details on the platform as well as our Kartra pricing breakdown.

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