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Last Updated on June 30, 2023

Looking for details on pricing? Heard about the lifetime deal and want all the info? Just trying to figure out more about what exactly is? is about to launch later this year, and it’s  poised to overhaul your marketing.

It is the latest addition to Groove Digital’s suite of marketing tools such as Groovefunnels, Groovesell, Groovemember, GrooveMail, GrooveAffiliate, and others.

As you may have guessed from its name, introduces AI functionality to Groove users, allowing you to automate otherwise tedious, repetitive, and time continuing marketing tasks.

There are so many marketing automation tools out there and with Groove Digital having been in the digital marketing space for so long, their decision to enter the AI world is expected. 

But with competitors like Jasper and ChatGPT already dominating the space, and already having garnered the appeal of the mass market, is Groove worth considering?

From what we can see so far about their software, it’s worth a try.

We have reviewed this tool by telling you everything you need to know about in a different article.

Today, we’ll tell you all about pricing and plans to help you plan better based on your budget and what your business needs.

Summary points:

  • is slated to launch on 1st September 2023
  • Only people on the backer plan will access the on that date
  • You can sign up for the backer plan at
  • Backers can access the software for a lifetime price of $897, or in two installments of $497
  • will introduce retail prices after the backer program trial is over
  • You can pay through credit and debit cards but not by PayPal
  • *PayPal does not support payments for products that are yet to launch

Table of Contents

The Cost of

There are five ways to get access to These include:

  • The Kickstarter plan
  • Freemium
  • Yearly plan
  • Bring your own API
  • Token plans Kickstarter Plan

The Kickstarter plan is’s lifetime deal. A lifetime deal means that after you pay for it once, you never have to pay a cent for it again.

There are two ways to access the Kickstarter plan: 

  • Pay a lump sum amount of $897
  • Pay in two installments of $497

The installment plan will cost you $7 more—which isn’t much, but $7 can go a long way in the online world. For example, you could add it to your Google ads budget to attract traffic to your funnel.

Installments should be paid within 30 days of each other.

So the total price for anyone who wants to pay for now is $897. This price might seem quite steep at first glance but when you consider it’s a lifetime deal, it’s quite a steal.

You’ll be saving a whole lot under this plan considering consolidates many other AI tools under one roof.

So where previously you’d have to pay for, ChatGPT plus, RUNWAY ML, Descript,, MidJourney, and, by signing up for’s lifetime deal, you get the functionality of all these tools in

For no additional cost at all, you can:

  • Create high-quality content -you no longer need content creation platforms like
  • Offer human-like assistance to your customer through chat -you probably pay for ChatGPT Plus for this feature
  • Create and edit videos and images –a feature you’d previously have to pay RUNWAY ML for
  • Podcasting, screen recording, and transcriptions- if you’ve been paying for Descript, can support these functions
  • Speech-to-text conversion replaces
  • AI image generation- replaces Playground AI

The lifetime deal is available to anyone who accesses as a backer. The backer project is basically a kickstart that will allow the groove team to get the new software’s MVP to be released to the market.

The slated date for this release is Q3 2023- September 1st, and anyone who’s a backer will get access to the MVP on that day. The lifetime plan is great for anyone who’s interested in being among the first to give this software a go.

You can get access to the backer plan by signing up at

If you are already a paid user, you’ll get 100 free credits when you sign up. 100 free credits will give you the equivalent of 37.5 million tokens, which is enough to write one 1000-word email for 100 years.

Advantages of the Lifetime Plan

  • Never pay again
  • The installment plan makes it accessible to all, including solopreneurs, small, and medium-sized businesses who may otherwise have a hard time raising a lump sum amount
  • Backers will get unlimited team members and unlimited shared workspaces

Note: there is a small amount to be paid for API which you pay for a diminutive wholesale price.

Yearly Plan

The yearly plan is simple enough: you pay $997 and get total access to for a year. You’ll need to renew this plan every year

The yearly plan will become active later after the launch.

If you can afford to pay the lump sum amount for the yearly plan, we recommend jumping on the lifetime deal while it’s still available and getting unfettered access to everything has to offer, without ever having to pay for it again.

Freemium Plan

The freemium plan is also part of the retail pricing that Groove will introduce later on.

When you sign up for the Freemium plan, you’ll get $5 in free credit.

As you have seen from the free credits example in the backer plan, you can do a lot with free credits. While you can’t write 750 books with $5 credit (like with the $100 credits you receive on the lifetime deal), you’ll still save some dollars on emails-or books.

Bring Your Own API

Bring your own API is a great plan for anyone who wants more control over how their software communicates with You’ll get far more customizability with this plan over how you want to organize your workflows in your organization and share data.

What’s more, with bring your own API, you’ll have access to many other conveniences such as:

  • You can pay as you go, so you don’t have to be tied to monthly payments
  • Only pay for what you use. Instead of paying for months, you can plan your finances around the specific months when you’ll need
  • No retail markup, since you’ll Access APIs at a wholesale price

Buy Token Packs

Another pricing option you can take advantage of is token packs

Anyone can buy token packs.

Token packs have several advantages that include:

  • It’s an easier price model and an easier way to access software
  • More affordable than other SAAS platforms
  • You get a lower wholesale rate at X 1.25. (According to Groove’s CEO, other SaaS have a rate of 3x to 6x)
  • Auto re-up option available
  • Can be used with any 3rd party
  • Pay as you
  • No paying for months you don’t use
  • No monthly payment
  • Rate pack discounts for paid and free users
  • No monthly fee

Final Words: Pricing and Plans

As you can see from what we’ve discussed above, has a lot of benefits for your business. So although you’ll pay almost $900 for it, you’ll receive powerful AI features in this one tool.

Of course, the most value will go to those who sign up for’s backer plan.

Just to recap, the backer plan is a Kickstarter project that allows people to pre-order the software at a one-time lifetime fee of $897.

With the backer plan:

  • You no longer need to worry about renewing any subscriptions.
  • You’ll reduce the administrative work involved in renewing subscriptions
  • You don’t need to worry about your subscription being canceled. No more cancellations means you can enjoy continuity of your work
  • You’ll save money—close to $8,000 yearly
Have any more questions about pricing? Let us know by commenting below.

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