GoToMeeting Pricing & Plans: Is It Worth The Cost? (2023 Guide)

GoToMeeting Pricing

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GoToMeeting Pricing: Is It Worth The Cost?

GoToMeeting Pricing

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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Looking for info on GoToMeeting pricing? Wondering which plan is the best fit for your business’ needs?

If you have been are searching around for the best video conference software to run your meetings, you have probably heard of GoToMeeting. It’s one of the most popular web conferencing platforms out there today, used in a variety of applications from education to healthcare to sales meetings and more.

And with features like automatic meeting recording and transcripts available in some GoToMeeting plans, it’s no wonder this meeting software is so popular.

But with so many other options available, you might not be sure whether or not to sign up for GoToMeeting. 

Is GoToMeeting worth the cost? 

In this GoToMeeting pricing guide, we’ll help you decide whether to sign up and which plan to choose if so. 

Before we get started, it’s important to know that GoToMeeting offers a 14-day free trial period. You don’t need to provide payment details to activate it. Just sign up and enjoy all its features for free for 14 days and see for yourself if it’s the right meeting platform for you.

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What Is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is a SaaS web-conferencing tool. It allows you to host business meetings online with people in or outside your time zone, making it easier to communicate needs with global teams and clients instantly. 

GoToMeeting is one of the meeting software in the market with a friendly entry price. However, note that pricing is /month/organizer, which might be on the higher side for smaller teams. 

GoToMeeting is easy to set up in just one click. It supports screen sharing, converts your slides to PDF, and uses an AI smart assistant to take notes and generate action items during a meeting. 

If you want a meeting tool with extensive mobile features, this software is for you. With a mobile app, Siri voice command, commuter mode, and cloud recording, this app brings extra functionality to meetings on the go.

How Much Does GoToMeeting Cost?

GoToMeeting has three pricing plans: 

  • GoToMeeting professional: $144/year translates to $12 per month). This plan supports meeting hosting for up to 150 participants. 
  • GoToMeeting Business: $192/year, which equals $16 per month. If you subscribe for this plan, you can host meetings with up to 250 attendants. You can host unlimited meetings, and also access other powerful features such as meeting lock. 
  • Enterprise: Contact customer support for pricing

An In-depth Review Of GoToMeeting Plans

GoToMeeting Professional

The price difference between the professional and business plans isn’t all that big. Therefore, either one of these plans can work for a small or medium business. 

The only thing that will determine the plan you choose is the features in each plan.  Besides the fact that the professional plan caps participants at 150, it also limits access to quite a number of important features: 

  • Meeting recordings. This is limiting if you’d like to replay meetings again or share
  • Transcription. No transcriptions mean your meetings will not be searchable 
  • Smart assistant and note taking. This saves time with note capturing and taking action items during meetings. 
  • Meeting lock. This is useful when you want to run “admittance-only” meetings. 
  • Co-organizers. This is an important collaboration tool as other team members can run meetings if you are not present. Without co-organizers, you have to be there to run your meetings yourself.
  • Inroom link. If you already have room conferencing in your organization, you cannot use it with GoToMeeting while on the professional plan. 
  • Dedicated customer support, onboarding or training. 

Other missing features that might limit you while on this plan include: slide to pdf, drawing tools and control sharing by giving others access to your mouse or keyboard.

Since we always like looking on the positive side of things, we’d like to claim that you can still get value with this package. But looking at the missing features, we really can’t because the missing features are what really ensure you get the most out of GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting Business Plan

The business plan costs $192 per month. Considering you’ll only pay $48 more for this plan to open access to all the features missing in the professional plan, I recommend jumping straight to the business plan if you are seriously considering getting GoToMeeting. 

Even though you have a smaller participant base, there is always the prospect of expanding in the future. In fact, GoToMeeting’s premium features may just be the catalyst your team needs to grow. 

For example: co-organizers increase collaboration not just with teams, but even with clients or other influencers with whom you share a common purpose. Usually, the right collaborations should result in a mutual benefit (growth) for all collaborators. 

Another great example is meeting records. With records, you can share with your teams what was said verbatim in meetings – goodbye broken telephone. This keeps everyone on the same page. It also gives you a permanent record that might come in handy in many decisions to come. 

The only benefits missing under this plan include a dedicated customer success manager, onboarding and training, and volume discounts. You can only get these features on the enterprise plan.

Enterprise Plan

As the name implies, the enterprise plan is ideal for large companies. It supports a participant size of up to 3000 people, and offers onboarding & training, a customer success manager, and volume discounts. 

It is also the only GoToMeeting plan that offers Inroom Links, a feature that lets you connect to GoToMeeting through your conference room system. 

The other two plans offer conference room integration via GoTo Room, which uses equipment and software from GoToMeeting. GoTo Room is also available on the enterprise plan.

How To Sign Up For GoToMeeting

You can sign up for GoToMeeting’s using any of these methods: 

  • Sign in with an email address and password. 

This can be your Gmail, yahoo, outlook or other personal email addresses 

  • Use single sign-on login

IT admins in large companies like to enable single sign-on. This means that your IT might require you to log in using your company credentials on a company page. Companies can enforce single sign-on as the only option. This means users cannot access GoToMeeting using any other sign-in option.  

  • Use your social media account to sign in to GoToMeeting

If you have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, you can also use them to log in to GoToMeeting. To use this option, first sign in to your social media account. You can then access the meeting app without any further steps.  

Note: to make signing in through social media possible, you have to first use your email address to sign in to GoToMeeting, then connect your social media account. 

  • Use the GoToMeeting mobile app

Go to the app store or playstore, search for the GoTo app, download it and sign in. you will need to use your email address and password to sign in.

Can You Cancel Your GoToMeeting Subscription?

You can cancel your GoToMeeting subscription before the next billing cycle and reactivate it anytime you need to use it. 

The account also automatically expires after a free trial if you do not provide billing information. 

You can cancel your subscription by yourself in the billing center of GoToMeeting. Once in the billing center, find your subscription, click on the 3 dots appearing on your product to see your options, then “cancel subscription”.

Does GoToMeeting Have A Free Trial?

GoToMeeting offers a 14-day free trial that allows access to all of the meeting tool’s features. You do not need to use your credit card information when signing up for a free trial.

Pros and Cons Of GoToMeeting


  • Easy To set up and use
  • Affordable 
  • Unlimited meeting recording to the cloud for business and enterprise users, and the ability to share recorded meetings
  • Offers optional add-ons like toll-free numbers and call me, at no additional cost 
  • Having shared equipment control allows an organizer to take over control of a participant’s mouse and keyboard to remotely demonstrate a difficult area straight from the participant’s computer
  • Share documents in real time 
  • It can support small (e.g, team or staff) to large (e.g., company-wide or client) meetings
  • Integrate with your calendar and other software (through Zapier)
  • It offers a 14-day trial period; no credit card necessary


  • You have to download and install software; the browser experience is not ideal 
  • The meeting app is sometimes prone to glitches, which can take participants long to log in.
  • The chat option is only limited to meeting scenarios. It doesn’t support chat rooms outside of meetings. This means you need other tools to collaborate after the meeting. 
  • The meeting experience may be sub-optimal for people on an internet connection with a lower bandwidth. Requires at least 1mbps
  • Meeting transcripts are only in English. This locks out many employees in a multi-lingual work environment 
  • Most of the premium features come at an additional cost and aren’t available on the professional plan

Bottom Line: Is GoToMeeting Worth It?

There is no doubt that GoToMeeting is one of the best web conferencing tools in the market right now. The tool is worth it, but in my opinion, only if you get the business plan. 

I found the professional plan too limiting: it gave me all the tools I needed to successfully organize and hold a meeting, but it left out all the tools I need to increase efficiency. To me, without the efficiency options, a tool is not worth it. 

On the other hand, the business plan gives you everything (well, almost). The only features not available on the business plan weren’t a deal breaker. 

So, is GoToMeeting worth it? Given the features you get for the cost, I say “definitely yes, but only if you go business.”