The Best Clickmagick Alternatives (2023 Competitors)

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The Best Clickmagick Alternatives (2023 Competitors)

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to improve the effectiveness of online marketing?

Clickmagick is a popular tool to give insights you need about your traffic, but it’s not the only one. 

That’s why we’ll be looking at various Clickmagick alternatives, comparing the tool side-by-side with other popular tracking software such as Voluum, Clickmeter, Google Analytics, and Bemob.

We evaluate these tools across many features such as redirect options, A/B split testing, and more, to help you pick the one that is right for your business.

Before we jump into the comparison, note that Clickmagick is offering a 14-day free trial.

Read on for our full guide to the top Clickmagick alternatives worth trying in 2023.

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What Is Clickmagick and Who Is It Made For?

Clickmagick is an online tracking tool that helps you to track ads, visits and their source, affiliate networks, and more. It also gives comprehensive and actionable insights to improve the outcomes of your online marketing strategies.

It works well for solopreneurs, established businesses, affiliate marketers, and just about anyone else who wants to leverage the power of digital marketing.

Areas Where Clickmagick Is Superior To Competitors

Clickmagick provides comprehensive information that tells you all that you need to know about your ad performance, conversion rates, the source that generates the most traffic, quality of your traffic, click-through rates, location-wise traffic, and more.

Such detailed insights put you right in control over your digital marketing campaigns and you can do what’s required to optimize your ad spending.

Here’s a look at the features that set Clickmagick apart from its competitors.

  • Quick link redirects that give the flexibility to redirect users to different landing pages
  • Real-time statistics to give all the information needed for decision making
  • Dynamic network token and sub-ID passing for more redirect choices
  • Compatibility with Google Analytics to help you glean all the available information.
  • Automatic bot filtering, click fraud monitoring, and traffic quality analysis to provide insights from good quality traffic
  • Advanced geotargeting and mobile optimization to reach the target audience you want
  • A/B split testing to design optimized pages
  • Content and notification bars, countdown timers, and retargeting pixels for granular insights
  • Dynamic affiliate links to stay on top of the performance of your affiliate network.
  • Advanced postback URL tracking
  • A large training video library and good customer support to get answers to all questions and doubts. 
  • Tracks your entire sales funnel to give you a complete picture of the status of your digital marketing efforts

Overall, Clickmagick provides the conversion and click-through rates metrics to know the efficiency of your ad campaigns. It also provides good quality traffic segmented based on location and quality to give the insights you need to optimize your digital marketing campaigns.

Since all this information comes in real-time, it enables you to make quick decisions for maximum profitability. 

Check out our Clickmagick pricing page for more info on suitable plans for your business.

Key Competitors

Let’s now compare Clickmagick with some of its competitors to understand which tracking software is better in which aspects, so you can make an informed decision.

Voluum (Best Tracking Alternative)

Voluum is a cloud-based tool for tracking the performance of digital advertisements and through it, helps to optimize your ad spending and affiliate campaigns.

The biggest advantage of Voluum is its high availability. Since its data centers are spread across five continents, it has been able to maintain 100% availability from 2015, so you can be assured that no click will be lost.

Also, it is easy to set up and you can have the tool up and running in a few minutes. The dashboard is intuitive and there are no complex functionalities associated with it. This makes it ideal for all kinds of users.


When you compare it with Clickmagick, Voluum is the better choice for large businesses that require extensive collaboration across teams. At the time of writing this article, Clickmagick allows only one user per account while in Voluum, you can add multiple users to a single account. This is why Voluum is better when you want to share metrics across different teams within the same organization.

Another cool feature is its AI optimization that optimizes your ads on autopilot mode. This helps with targeted advertising.

However, Voluum doesn’t offer an extensive video library like Clickmagick, and it doesn’t track the sales funnel completely either.


The pros of Voluum are:

  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Ideal for collaboration across teams
  • High availability
  • A/B tests and anti-fraud clicks detect bot traffic and give you accurate information from good quality traffic, so you can make appropriate decisions based on it.


The cons of Voluum are:

  • More suited for large businesses
  • No video libraries or tutorials
  • Can be expensive, especially for small businesses and online marketers who are just starting off

Clickmeter (Best Tracking Alternative for Larger Businesses)

Clickmeter is also a well-known tracking tool for optimizing clicks and monitoring their performance in real-time. It is well-suited for large businesses and experienced affiliate marketers promoting many affiliate links because of its advanced redirecting options.

A salient feature of Clickmeter is that it tracks ad campaigns across many parameters such as product ID, SSL, cookies, etc, to give granular details of every click. This also gives an accurate idea of the conversion rates and sources, so you can optimize your digital marketing strategy accordingly.


Probably, the biggest selling point of Clickmeter is its advanced retargeting and redirection choices. The obvious advantage is the flexibility you get to redirect users to different landing pages based on their location, source of the ad click, and more. In turn, this increases the chances for a sale.

Such an advanced segmentation can also come in handy while providing user-specific information such as offers and discounts, all of which can boost conversion rates, and the resultant sales.

Another important feature of Clickmeter is the availability of its API that allows you to integrate it with custom applications as well.

When you compare Clickmeter with Clickmagick, one area that stands out is the depth of the functionality. While Clickmeter offers around 100 functions, Clickmagick has 120+ functions that can give you greater flexibility with how you want to use the tool, besides better value for your money.

Though Clickmagick might have a longer learning curve because of its detailed functionality, it is surely worth the effort, as you can use this tool well to reach your business goals.

Another area where Clickmagick scores over Clickmeter is in A/B split testing, where it checks the URL variants for improved optimization. The same option is not available in Clickmeter.

The customer support is also better in Clickmagick as its team promises to respond to emails within one hour.

In light of these differences, here are the pros and cons of Clickmeter.


The pros of Clickmeter are:

  • Comes with an API that makes it easy to integrate with all applications, including custom ones.
  • Despite having extensive features, the learning curve is not so long
  • Offers many redirecting options to send visitors to specific landing pages.
  • Provides advanced fraud click protection to reduce wasteful PPC costs


The cons of Clickmeter are:

  • Reporting templates are highly limited
  • Doesn’t have advanced content or countdown links
  • Not conducive for offers and discounts
  • Difficult to track external pages
See our Clickmeter pricing guide for more info on their plans and features.

Google Analytics (Best Free Tracking Alternative)

Google Analytics is a web-based analytics tool that gives real-time information on the visitors who come to your landing pages. This is a popular tool because it comes from the stables of Google and also because it’s free.

A cool aspect of Google Analytics is that you can see the historical performance of your site over a certain period and view important metrics such as page views, bounce rate, geolocation, and more.

You can even create custom dashboards that would display the metrics that matter the most to you.

You can also view specific actions such as the number of clicks of a button or filling out a specific form. These actions can be tracked over a period to understand trends and patterns.

Further, Google Analytics integrates natively with most popular applications and it even comes with an API for custom applications.

All these help to extend the overall functionality of this tool.

That said, the functionality of Google Analytics is quite limited when compared to Clickmagick. All that it can do is display the relevant statistics, but can’t redirect users to particular landing pages, or even filter out bot traffic.

No A/B split testing or other advanced features are present on Google Analytics, so it’s most helpful for single landing pages, blogs, and anyone who simply wants to view the statistics. This tool is not the best choice for optimizing conversions or changing marketing strategies to increase sales.


The pros of Google Analytics are:

  • It’s free
  • Integrates natively with most applications, and has APIs for custom ones
  • Comes with a robust mobile app for a wider reach
  • Provides analytics in real-time.


The cons of Google Analytics are:

  • No customer support
  • Has no redirect options
  • No split testing
  • Do not filter out bot traffic.

Bemob (Best Freemium Tracking Alternative)

Bemob is a freemium performance management marketing tool that is well-suited for affiliate marketers and large businesses looking to get more out of their digital marketing campaigns.

A highlight of this tool is its ease of use, as it comes with a simple layout that is well-suited for users of all technical levels. It also has a help center with tons of articles to help get started.

Bemob makes it easy to track multiple URLs on the same page and this helps you to get a more accurate picture of your advertising campaigns, and also reduces confusion on which URL brought in traffic.

bemob_tracking links

Further, it has an advanced tracking and distribution feature that maximizes your ROI by optimizing your campaign while the instant redirects make you look professional in the eyes of your customers.

Other features such as mobile tracking, fraud protection, real-time data reporting, and targeting traffic ensure that your sites are highly optimized.

Another worthy feature of Bemob is the choice of KPIs. It analyzes over 2000 parameters to come up with a handful of parameters that are most relevant for your business and gives comprehensive information on these KPIs, to make it easy for you to track the performance of your marketing efforts.

As you can see, Bemob and Clickmagick have a lot in common. One area where Clickmagick is better is customer support. Currently, Bemob offers only live chat support, though there are plans to upgrade and improve many areas including customer support.

Clickmagick, on the other hand, has excellent email support and the company prides itself on responding to emails within just an hour, and this could make a big difference when you’re facing critical issues.


The pros of Bemob are:

  • Tracks multiple URLs to give an accurate state of your marketing campaigns
  • Instant redirects are super quick and add a professional touch
  • High availability
  • Many advanced features such as real-time data reporting
  • Shortlists the KPIs and tracks them


The cons of Bemob are:

  • Limited customer support options
  • Not the best choice for solopreneurs and small companies as the functionality is way too complex to discern
  • Not conducive for collaboration, even in large organizations
  • There are no advanced redirect options

Thus, this is how Clickmagick stacks up against its competitors.


To conclude, Clickmagick is an advanced and comprehensive ad/conversion tracking tool that gives all the insights your business needs to maximize the ROI of digital marketing campaigns.

It comes with advanced features such as funnel tracking that measures KPIs across the entire funnel, so you can have a better idea of the areas that need improvement. It also offers segmentation based on a host of criteria such as location and source to help with planning and strategizing.

It offers conversion tracking across many parameters to give an accurate picture while its rotator modes offer a ton of flexibility to redirect traffic to different landing pages.

Clickmagick also comes with good customer support that’s backed by a ton of videos and training materials.

It is priced at $37/month for the Starter plan, $77/month for the Standard plan, and $197/month for the Pro plan respectively.

What are your favorite conversion tracking tools and Clickmagick alternatives? Let us know by commenting below.


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