The 11 Best Web Hosting Services Worth Trying (2023 Rankings)

Best Web Hosting Services

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11 Best Web Hosting Services Worth Trying (2023 Rankings)

Best Web Hosting Services

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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

If you want to build and grow a great website, then finding the right web hosting service is essential.

With the best web hosting services, you can count on reliable uptime, fast page loading speeds, and great customer support.

Of course, with so many different web hosting services to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. There are literally hundreds of options out there, and they come in all shapes and sizes: from shared hosting to dedicated hosting and cloud services.

A good hosting solution for one website might not be the best for another. It all depends on your specific needs.

To help you find the best web hosting service for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best options out there, along with a detailed comparison of their features and pricing.

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What Is Web Hosting and Why Is It Important?

When running a digital business, the only way for people to find your business and its services or products is online. A website makes your business look legitimate, causing visitors to pause and consider your offering. A web host “houses” your website and its files, and makes them available to people through a web browser.

Besides just businesses, individuals can also benefit from owning a website from which they can run their blogs, showcase their projects in portfolios or simply maintain a platform for engaging with others who share their interests.

The options listed below cater to a wide variety of needs. Bluehost is our top pick.

Key Web Hosting Terms to Know

Shared Hosting

This option hosts many sites on the same server. It is recommended for those looking for a low cost hosting option, because the cost of hosting is split among many users. The downside of shared hosting is that site traffic on one or more site affects all other sites hosted on the server. Only choose shared hosting if the web host guarantees great uptime on their shared plan.

VPS Hosting

VPS also involves sharing the same server but unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting provides more isolation when housing sites. This minimizes the likelihood of downtime as traffic surges from a site or sites cannot affect other sites hosted on the same server, however, you will pay more for this convenience.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated hosing assigns hosting resources to your site only. Signing up for a dedicated hosting service is a good option if your site is data-heavy. It is a costly service, but the cost should be manageable if you’re making a good profit margin from your site. Dedicated hosting can be managed, where the hosting provider handles your back end and other technical issues, or unmanaged, where your own IT people handle the technical aspects of your site.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a CMS and also one of the most popular choices for people who want to launch a website easily and cost effectively.

Self-hosting with gives you more flexibility for web building. You can also sign up for a host’s plan, where the host handles the backend for you, including backups, and all you have to do is concentrate on site running.

Our Picks for the Best Web Hosting Services

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is hands down the best web hosting provider, particularly if you want to build a Word press site. For starters, it’s got excellent uptime. Its WordPress hosting plans are useful and well thought out, as they provide lots of features without being too costly.

Its drag-and-drop WordPress site builder is functional and easy to use. As an ecommerce user, you will find its wide array of ecommerce add-ons and WordPress CMS function an invaluable addition to your business.

Blue host’s WordPress hosting plans are well-priced and all come with a free domain, free CDN, and a free SSL certificate, in addition to custom themes and 24/7 customer support. They also provide between 10GB and 100GB of storage space.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Non-WordPress users can also benefit from Blue host’s shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.

Bluehost Web Hosting_2

InMotion Web Hosting

InMotion is an excellent provider of cloud, VPS and shared hosting. But it also provides reseller hosting, one of the few hosting providers to do. If you’re the kind of person who’d rather avoid buyer remorse at all costs, you’ll find InMotion’s 90-day money back guarantee quite attractive.

InMotion has different pricing for its main hosting service and for WordPress hosting. All plans support multiple email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, lots of storage space, and a collection of security and marketing tools. 

InMotion only uses Linux-based servers. Plus, although it claims to provide up to 40x faster WP hosting, you can only access the best speeds on its highest plan. In addition, although its provides 2 year, 1 year and 1 month plans, the 1 month plan is only available for WP Pro users.

InMotion Web Hosting

DreamHost Web Hosting

Dreamhost is a cloud hosting solution that provides dependable hosting for Linux based servers, great security features, unlimited data transfers, and a collection of robust tools to manage your domain. Although it’s got great price points, it lacks phone support, and the starter plan does not have email.

In addition to providing shared, WordPress and VPS hosting, Dreamhost also has a website builder that’s particularly handy if you’re building websites for the first time.


Hostgator is a shared hosting service that’s great for beginner bloggers and business people interested in ecommerce or building Windows or Linux-based sites. It provides access to powerful tools across its dedicated, cloud, virtual private server (VPS), and WordPress plans.

Its hosting plans are feature rich, with offering such as email addresses, data transfers, unlimited storage space and 24/7 customer service. The choice to use a Windows-based server is unique to Hostgator, although this feature is only available on some plans.


A2 Web Hosting

A2 provides great Linus-based hosting for WordPress users. Although it’s costlier than most other hosting options, Its hosting packages are some of the most robust we have experienced, as is their money-back guarantee.

A2 registers great uptime, and 24 hour customer support.

A2 Web Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting

Accuweb also has great uptime and excellent customer service, but unlike A2, Dreamhost and InMotion, AccuWeb provides hosting for Linux and Windows. Its Windows hosting option is feature rich but it doesn’t support unlimited email.

Accuweb offers a range of plans across its dedicated, WordPress, VPS and reseller solutions. It also offers web services such SSL certificates and free migration. Additionally, its robust dedicated service offers software licensing, different backup and storage options, and data centers in 10 locations.

Accuweb’s dedicated service is costlier than the other hosting solutions we tested, making it is best suited for enterprises. Individuals will benefit from the web hosting plans, which cost $4 month-to-month or billed annually, or $3.99 for a 3-year package.

Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web is a fully managed web host provider that offers feature-packed VPS, cloud and reseller plans. It also offers custom hosting solutions for AWS, Linode and Digital Ocean. Liquid Web’s service stands out for stellar uptime, remarkably attentive customer service and powerful servers.  

But it is quite costly, and it doesn’t provide shared hosting, making it better suited to larger businesses and enterprises.

Hostwinds Web Hosting

Hostwinds offers managed and unmanaged VPS hosting for Windows and Linux, in addition to cloud services, reseller hosting, shared hosting and business hosting.

Hostwinds hosting plans are packed with features such as unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, website builder, among others.

Hostwinds plans are budget friendly, and as it offers shared hosting, it is worth considering if you run a small business. As you grow, you can upgrade to VPS hosting. You should also give this service a try if you want to be a reseller.

WP Engine Web Hosting

WP Engine is another hosting service to consider if you’re interested in managed WordPress hosting. It is a flexible platform that offers Google cloud or Amazon Web services hosting to individual and enterprise users. Real-time threat detection, daily backups, great uptime and custom plans, are some of the features that come with WP Engine.

If you want to use this service, you need to sign up for email separately, and also buy a domain on a different platform, as WP Engine doesn’t offer those.  While we love this service, we recommend Bluehost for WP Engine, because it offers a lot more options than you’ll get with WP Engine.

Hostinger Web Hosting

Hostinger Web Hosting

If you’re looking for a highly customizable hosting service consider Hostinger. 

Hostinger provides low-cost hosting for small and medium sized businesses, and gamers. But while its service is high quality and supports CS:GO and Minecraft servers (for those interested in gaming), it does not have dedicated servers, nor does it support Windows hosting on every plan.

That said, Hostinger’s hosting service is versatile and customizable, plus, it promises features such as a Website builder, great uptime and good customer support.

Ionos by 1&1

Ionos by 1&1

Ionos is an excellent large scale cloud hosting and website building service for enterprise users. In addition to cloud hosting, Ionos offers shared, VPS, word press and dedicated hosing for both windows and Linux.

If you’d like a hosting service that you flexible scaling options, try Ionos. However, although Ionos caters to large scale users, it lacks a reseller plan, which is quite a gap in its offering. Ionos email service is also quite sparse.

Bottom Line: How To Choose The Right Web Host For Your Business

The web hosting services discussed here provide different hosting packages for every user level. There are starter packages for beginners and those on a budget, and there are also large scale hosing services for enterprises and resellers.

Most starter packages tend to be limited, but also offer affordable upgrades. When choosing a web host, choose one whose starter plan offers more options and attractive upgrades.

Customer service, great uptime, limitless storage, website building tools, are among other things to consider.

Have any questions about our guide to the best web hosting services? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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