Ontraport Pricing & Plans (2023): Which Plan Is Best?


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Ontraport Pricing & Plans (2023): Which Plan Is Best?


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Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Are you looking for the latest details concerning Ontraport pricing and plans? You may be trying to figure out whether Ontraport is worth the cost for your business.

Ontraport is a powerful CRM software that has everything you need to have your business succeed. It’s an all-in-one platform with advanced customer relationship management and marketing automation tools.

Ontraport offers several noteworthy features that can make all the difference in your business. For example, using Ontraport, entrepreneurs and brands can get to know their audience better and their interests. Ontraport can assist with gauging the potential customers’ interest level, leading to increased leads and customer conversion. Furthermore, Ontraport allows users to offer flexible payment plans with a seamless and efficient checkout experience.

Ontraport offers a level of automation that makes everything a bit easier for the business owner. It offers a simple drag-and-drop editor, beautiful pre-built templates, email marketing campaigns that have been proven to convert, and the ability to design attractive, engaging emails, funnels, forms, and landing pages that are attractive and engaging to capture your audience’s interest. 

Of course, with software like Ontraport, the big question remains, is it worth the cost, and what exactly is the cost?

In the guide below, we are taking a look at Ontraport. We’ll be diving into the plans, details, and costs and answering frequently asked questions about the software. We’ll also share our opinion surrounding whether or not Ontraport is worthwhile.

Read on for the full Ontraport pricing guide.

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How much does Ontraport cost?

Ontraport offers four plans, each varying in what it offers and its capacity. Each plan offers a 14-day free trial without requiring a credit card. The cost of the plans ranges from $24 per month up to $249 per month. 

Plans begin with excellent email and text automation and add features all the way up to unlimited everything. Ontraport offers unlimited email sending, video hosting, and private IPs. In addition, it’s an extensive software that can greatly impact your business.

Now that we’ve discussed a brief overview of Ontraport, let’s dive into each plan individually.

Ontraport Basic Plan - Starting at $24/month

The Ontraport basic plan is suitable for new entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and those requiring a limited number of features. The plan includes introductory email and text message automation, web forms and pages, unlimited email sending, easy drag and drop marketing automation, customizable CRM, a web page builder, and fantastic customer support. It is a highly functional plan offered at an unbeatable price.

Ontraport Plus Plan - Starting at $83/month

The Ontraport plus plan includes everything from the basic plan plus several additional features. Users can accept online payments, create membership sites and have access to a higher level of customizations. Furthermore, the plus plan offers video hosting, link tracking, advanced CRM, task automation, lead routine, online order forms, and more. The extensive plus plan includes several features that can level up your business game.

Ontraport Pro Plan - Starting at $124/month

The pro plan offered by Ontraport offers everything from the plus plan above and more. It offers further customization, easy integration with Facebook, transaction emails, Google ID tracking, email consults, affiliate partner programs, deeper insights and analytics, and more. In addition, the pro plan allows users to offer coupon codes, discounts, and free trials.

Ontraport Enterprise Plan - Starting at $249/month

The enterprise plan by Ontraport is the most extensive plan. It offers many customization options and features to further your business. The enterprise plan offers private IPs, customizable navigation by role, and excellent enterprise-grade security.

Ontraport Key Features:

  • Mobile app to work on the go.
  • Task automation.
  • Google calendar integration.
  • Create and manage membership sites.
  • Automatically generate pages and emails.
  • Visual analytics.
  • User friendly.
  • Free 14-day trial without needing a credit card.
  • Improve work efficiency.

Ontraport Cost Faqs

What is Ontraport used for?

Ontraport is a fantastic software designed to scale and grow your business. It’s ideal for all entrepreneurs, from freelancers all the way to large-sized enterprises. Ontraport offers CRM and automation without the use of coding skills. From payments, online order forms, sales funnels to emails, SMS marketing messages, and membership websites, Ontraport offers many tools suitable for all sizes of businesses.

How much does Ontraport cost?

The cost of Ontraport depends on which plan users choose. Ontraport offers four plans for each building on the one below. The most cost-efficient plan is the basic plan at $24 per month.

  • Basic – starting at $24/month
  • Plus – starting at $83/month
  • Pro – starting at $124/month
  • Enterprise – starting at $249/month

Are there additional features users can add on to their plan?

Ontraport offers a dynamic content management system that can be added on to each plan. This levels up their users’ experience and delivers a seamless, personalized visit. The cost begins at $41/month and goes up to a custom pricing model.

How can I chat with customer support from Ontraport?

Ontraport offers an award-winning customer support team. They are available through both chat and email.

  • Monday – Thursday : 6am-12am (PST)
  • Friday: 6 am-9 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9 am-9 pm

What is Ontraport university?

Ontraport university is stocked with more than 150 videos that offer guidance and education around marketing, creating webpages, memberships, sales, and payments. It’s a terrific tool to deepen learning and find out how to use the most impactful software. In addition, users have access to the course catalog upon signing up for a subscription.

Does Ontraport offer a free trial?

Ontraport does offer a 14-day free trial and doesn’t require a credit card. The free trial offers all of the tools in the paid subscription.

Who is Ontraport best suited for?

All business owners, regardless of size, can benefit from using Ontraport. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and companies of all sizes can take better control of their business and improve their customer relations.

Is Ontraport worth it?

That’s the big question here. Ontraport is worth the cost if you’re looking for software that automates and improves customer experience.

With the free trial, competitive prices, and excellent features, it’s easy to understand how Ontraport could generate change and sales and improve your business.

Have any questions about Ontraport pricing? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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