Kartra Affiliate Program: Everything You Should Know

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Karta Affiliate Program 2023: Review On How You Can Earn 40% Recurring Income

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on April 14, 2023

Interested in becoming a Kartra affiliate? This article focuses solely on their affiliate program and how you can create an actual passive income promoting Kartra’s features.

Towards the end, we will also outline instructions on how to secure an increased discount for your new Kartra leads discount through a trick we found.

Key facts about the Kartra affiliate program to start with:

  1. It is free to join.
  2. Commissions are 40% recurring.
  3. There is also 2nd tier commissions of 10% recurring available. This means you earn a commission on any sale your affiliates make.
  4. There’s a cookie lifetime of 30 days, meaning you get the credit for any sale your affiliate link generates up to 30 days after the initial click.
  5. You get paid monthly in your affiliate account.
  6. There’s tons of support for Kartra affiliates to help you succeed.

These facts alone make Kartra one of the more attractive marketing software affiliate programs to promote as the recurring income can build without the expense of paying for the software.

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How Do I Become A Kartra Affiliate?

You can sign up as a Kartra affiliate for free using this link. Click the ‘Affiliate Sign Up’ button on the page to get started.

Anyone can sign up to promote Kartra. You will have to submit an Affiliate Program application and this will be reviewed before acceptance.

This is standard practice for any high-paying affiliate programs so just follow the steps accurately.

We got in touch with Kartra to outline some of the common reasons applications are rejected. Their response is in the screenshot below.

In general, just put a little of effort into the application instead of just one liner answers and you should be fine.

Reasons for being rejected from Kartra Affiliate Program

Kartra Affiliate Support Team

Karta affiliate support use an email ticket system for queries. The support section can be reached inside your affiliate dashboard.

We have found that replies take around 24 hours and they are a very helpful team. Additional questions are often answered within a few hours too.

You can also check the Kartraverse Training Center for tutorials videos if you need help navigating features.

kartra affiliate support team contact section

How Much Can You Earn As A Kartra Affiliate?

As noted in the intro, Kartra pay an affiliate commission of 40% recurring on every sale. This means you will earn for as long as the user keeps their Kartra account running.

If your Kartra lead buys a Monthly Starter plan for example, you will earn $39.60 per month every month until they stop their membership ($99 x 40% = $39.60). After 12 months this comes to $475.20.

As you can see, the recurring income starts to rise pretty quickly once you build up a core base of leads who like the software.

As Kartra hosts websites, it is also easier to retain customers in the long run as their whole business foundation is built with Kartra software and it makes it arduous to change as switching costs can be high. 

Your affiliate commission will also automatically update if the Kartra member moves up the payment tier from Silver to Gold for example.

The 2nd Tier JV Partner Program (Additional 10% Commissions)

You can also create affiliate links for other affiliates to sign up and promote Kartra. This is called the Kartra JV Program.

In this role as a 2nd Tier JV Partner, you can earn 10% recurring payments on any sales generated by affiliates you sign up.

How Do You Get Paid With The Kartra Affiliate Program and When?

Kartra will only pay their affiliates through Paypal so make sure you set up a Paypal account first to get paid.

On the Kartra affiliate dashboard, you will see three options however: Paypal, Check and Bank Wire. These payment options are only for Kartra Users to pay their team of affiliates.

From our experience, payments are usually on the 15th day of each month but this can vary slightly.

Please note you do not earn a commission when the lead signs up for the $1 trial. You will only get paid once they become a paying customer and there is a 30-day grace period after they sign up to get a refund.

With a 14-day trial, this means you will get paid around 45 days after your lead signs up for a free trial from your affiliate link.

How Can I Promote Kartra As An Affiliate?

Kartra is typically promoted to small business and entrepreneurs looking to establish an online presence or changing marketing software provider. You can also target affiliate marketers to earn those 2nd Tier JV Partner commissions.

Here are some easy ideas for promoting Kartra:

  • Use a Youtube channel to promote Kartra offering reviews of the software and features walkthroughs
  • Use Facebook, especially Facebook Groups to target potential Kartra users and affiliate marketers. You could even do paid social media ads if you have the budget.
  • If you have an existing email list, segment the audience into those who may benefit from Kartra’s software and start an email campaign.
  • Promote Kartra through a blog (do Kartra reviews, informational guides, etc.)
  • Create Kartra Sales Funnels and sell to specific niches like real estate agents.

How to Generate Affiliate Links For Kartra

Affiliate links can be created on Kartra through the ‘Promotions’ section of the dashboard.

As highlighted in the screenshot, just click ‘My Link’ on the right side of the screen and you will be offered two promotional links, a standard Kartra affiliate link and a JV Broker link for recruiting affiliates.

create affiliate link kartra

Every link can also be tracked with Kartra so you can see how each individual promotion is performing.

Secure An Increased Discount For Your Kartra Customers

Once you sign up as a Kartra affiliate through a link on this page, please email me ( al (at) todaytesting.com), and I will provide instructions on a method I discovered to get a initial 50% discount for your customers.

Kartra Affiliate Program Review: Conclusion

The Kartra affiliate program gives someone with the right mindset an opportunity to generate sizeable recurring monthly income.

At 40% commissions, it is amongst the best in the software industry and the features of the software itself like website building makes it a long term expense for many customers which is good news for affiliates.