Clickmagick Affiliate Program

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Clickmagick Affiliate Program

clickmagick Affiliate Program

Published by Al Rose

Last Updated on April 26, 2022

Clickmagick, a popular digital marketing platform, offers a lucrative affiliate program as well.

But is it right for you?

Join us as we talk about what it takes to become an affiliate, how much can you earn, the payment process, and how you can promote Clickmagick and bring on more customers for a steady affiliate commission.

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How Do I Become An Clickmagick Affiliate And Is It Free?

Becoming a Clickmagick affiliate is simple and easy. 

Just click this link to get started.

Scroll down through the page to find a form, and enter your details. Make sure to choose a meaningful username for your URL to boost the chances of attracting visitors.

signup form

As the form suggests, Clickmagick pays only through PayPal, so you may want to create a PayPal account if you don’t already have one.

Once you fill in the details and submit, you become an affiliate. There are no application forms or approval systems here, so you’re guaranteed to become an affiliate right after you hit the Submit button.

How Much Can You Earn As An Clickmagick Affiliate?

Clickmagick offers a 35% commission for every transaction made by your customer.

Breaking this down into numbers based on Clickmagick pricing, you get $12.95 (35% of $37) per month when your customer chooses the Starter Plan. This is the bare minimum you can earn every month from every customer who opts for a paid plan. 

As for the Standard Plan, which is considered to be the most popular choice, you earn $26.95 per month while for the Pro Plan, you earn $68.95 per month. Remember, all these numbers are for one customer, so the more customers you have, the higher you will earn.

Does Clickmagick Affiliate Program Offer Recurring Commissions?

Yes, Clickmagick offers recurring commissions. Every time your customer makes a transaction, you get a 35% commission on the transaction value. 

Since Clickmagick is a popular digital marketing product that is known to boost conversions and sales, the chances for someone to stop using it is low, unless that customer wants to quit the digital marketing space altogether.

This is why you can expect steady revenue from the Clickmagick affiliate program.

How Do You Get Paid With The Clickmagick Affiliate Program And When?

Clickmagick pays commissions daily via PayPal MassPay, provided your account has a minimum of $50. The advantage of MassPay is it involves no fees, so you get the full commission.

Also, there’s a 14-day lag in making payments and this starts from the day a customer has made a transaction to the day your commission is paid, to account for refunds. 

Please note that Clickmagick pays only through PayPal and there are no other options.

How Can I Promote Clickmagick As An Affiliate?

There are many ways to promote Clickmagick, and the choice depends on your audience, business strategy, and budget. The good news is  Clickmagick provides promotional materials to help with your efforts.

link generation

Using these materials, here are some ideas to promote Clickmagick

  • Email marketing – Clickmagick provides email templates that you can use to send emails to your potential customers. You can include a link to try Clickmagick besides other interesting content.
  • Paid ads – You can pay someone to feature your Clickmagick affiliate link in their blog posts or emails. Along with it, you can also place banner ads or use pay-per-click Google ads to promote your affiliate link
  • Blog posts – Write blog posts and review articles that add value to your readers and help them to make the right choice. You can also promote your affiliate link through these articles
  • Videos – YouTube and Twitch videos are a great way to promote Clickmagick as many people like to see than read
  • Podcasts – If you own a podcast or can get an influencer to talk about your work, you can have your affiliate link at the bottom, and this can add credibility to your affiliate program.
  • Social media – Actively promote your affiliate on popular social media platforms and engage with your audience with interesting content, offers, and more. 
  • Communities – Join online communities that share similar interests to learn about their promotions and also, to spread words about yours. Social media groups are a good choice too.

While these are some broad ideas to promote Clickmagick as an affiliate, do come up with your own ideas as well to stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion - Is The Clickmagick Affiliate Program Worth It?

Yes, absolutely, and for two reasons.

Firstly, Clickmagick is a popular product and one that is known to increase conversions and sales for digital marketers. This means Clickmagick is going to be in demand over the next few years. So, it presents a good opportunity to earn.

Secondly, a 35% recurring commission is one of the highest in the industry today and can generate a steady income.

So, go for this rewarding affiliate program.

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